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May 25, 2017
1h 36m
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Have you ever been interested in designing parts utilizing Freeform modeling? In this course, Getting Started with Freeform Modeling in Inventor, you'll learn and develop an understanding of the SubD modeling process in Autodesk's Inventor. First, you'll begin by exploring the difference between traditional solid/surface geometry and the subdivided geometry. Next, you'll learn how to create new SubD faces, primitives, and how to convert existing model faces into easily editable SubD models. Finally, you'll gain a firm grasp of creating and editing SubD models by walking through a few examples, such as creating a car mirror, a car hood, and converting a face of a car fender for modifications. By the end of the course, you'll have a solid foundation of inventor modeling with Inventor Freeforms and be on your way to designing your own products.

About the author
About the author

Matt Perez is a CAD consultant and Expert with SolidBox - a leader in CAD IT and Hardware Support. Matt's areas of expertise are in training and consulting in all areas of CAD design from basics to manufacture and sales materials.

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