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Ionic 4 CLI

by Michael Callaghan

In today’s modern software development world, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the command line. Sure, various graphical tools exist to make things easier, but the real power lives in the command shell. In this course, you will explore the Ionic CLI.

What you'll learn

Since its inception, the Ionic Framework has included a rudimentary command line interface. Though only a few years old, it has matured into a powerful tool that should be part of every developer’s toolbox. This course, Ionic 4 CLI, will start at the top and explore the Ionic CLI. First, you'll see how to create projects and components. Next, you will learn how to build and serve apps. Finally, you'll discover how to share projects with others, and even integrate with other build tools. Whether you’re just starting to explore Ionic, or have been using it since its pre-beta days, there is something here for you. By the end of the course, you’ll have the confidence to use the Ionic CLI as part of your everyday Ionic development.

About the author

Software developer / Tech Lead with more than twenty years of professional software development experience, primarily in Microsoft and Linux environments, the past decade of which has been spent assembling, mentoring, and leading development teams.

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