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iOS 14 Getting Started

by Andrew Bancroft

Building for iOS is an incredibly valuable skill for any developer. This course will teach you to make iOS apps with adaptive user interfaces that work on multiple devices using Xcode, Swift, and SwiftUI.

What you'll learn

Developing for iOS is a valuable and in-demand skill, but if you haven't developed in the Apple world before, it can be surprisingly different. In this course, iOS 14: Getting Started, you'll quickly get up and running using Xcode 12, Swift 5, and SwiftUI to build great iOS apps and tap into the latest features in iOS 14. First, you'll see the tools and learn how to create iOS apps with adaptive user interfaces that work on multiple devices.

Next, you’ll learn how to manage iOS projects and define the building blocks of your own iOS applications. Finally, you'll explore working with data-driven controls and understand navigation options. When you’re finished with this course, you'll know current best practices, iOS architecture, and the most important ideas you need to feel comfortable bringing your developer skills into the iOS and Apple developer world.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Andrew is a people-driven, creative, impactful developer and teacher with more than 15 years of experience helping others succeed with technology. He has embraced Swift for iOS development since day zero, and loves equipping developers to succeed at building iOS apps with Swift. Andrew is a Principle Data Architect for the Noble Research Institute, an agricultural research organization located in the heart of southern Oklahoma. His day job keeps him busy leading Noble's efforts to make the most... more

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