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Building iOS BLE Applications with Core Bluetooth 13

by David Nutter

If you have ever wondered how to build iOS apps that communicate with accessories, this is the course for you! I'll guide you through developing an app from the ground up with Core Bluetooth, which will open up a world of possibilities

What you'll learn

At the core of developing iOS applications for Bluetooth peripherals is a thorough knowledge of Apple’s Core Bluetooth framework. This framework makes it easy to write these apps without worrying about the low-level details of the Bluetooth protocol stack. In this course, Building iOS BLE Applications with Core Bluetooth, you will create iOS apps that can communicate with a variety of devices using Bluetooth wireless technology. You will begin by covering the most important concepts and terminology you need when developing with Bluetooth, like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), central and peripheral roles. Next, you will learn how to discover peripherals and interact with its data. Finally, you will then work on building your own peripheral and share its data. When you’re finished with this course, you will have laid the groundwork for building powerful applications that leverage BLE technology.

About the author

Dave is a software developer with several years experience building applications that interact with external accessories. His primary focus is working on the iOS platform. He has worked at several notable software companies, creating both consumer-facing and internal applications. A life-long learner, he enjoys using Pluralsight as a customer, and is excited to also provide content as an author.

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