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iOS Collection Views: Getting Started

by Mark Moeykens

Learn to master the power of collection views in this getting started course. I take you step-by-step and visually guide you through collection views with multiple columns, scrolling both vertically and horizontally.

What you'll learn

Have you ever wanted to learn to create visually stunning collection views but were afraid because they seemed too complex? Well, fear no more because in this course, iOS Collection Views: Getting Started, you will learn multiple ways to present amazing looking collection views in your apps! First, you will learn how to show your first collection view with just two functions. Next, you will discover layout and spacing options to take your collection views to the next level so they look great on any size device. Finally, you will explore and implement multiple, horizontally-scrolling collection views. When you have finished this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of collection views needed to use them in your apps to make your data look great!

About the author

Mark Moeykens is a full-time mobile developer with over two decades of programming experience. He has created desktop, web and mobile apps in many fields including insurance, banking, transportation, health, and sales. Mark also gives talks on programming and enjoys breaking down complex subjects into simple parts to teach in a practical and useful manner. He also enjoys learning and teaching user interface design and how to improve user experience in apps. In his spare time he creates iOS prog... more

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