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Consuming Web Services and Using Local Storage on iOS

by Brice Wilson

This course demonstrates the fundamental techniques for downloading, reading, and writing data in iOS apps.

What you'll learn

This course demonstrates the fundamental techniques used for downloading, reading and writing data in iOS apps. You’ll learn how to download data from an XML web service, parse it and display it in your app. You’ll also see how to perform the same task with a service that serves JSON data. Techniques for storing data locally on an iOS device are covered. These include archiving custom objects as well as reading and writing objects to and from property lists. You will also learn how to use the NSUserDefaults class to read and write simple data such as user preferences. All apps use data of some kind and this course will teach you the fundamental skills you need to get started working with data on the iOS platform. Follow along as we build an iPhone app from scratch and add new functionality in each module.

Table of contents

About the author

Brice Wilson has been a professional developer for over 30 years and has used many tools and programming languages during that time. He has worked as a developer and architect for a number of large companies and enjoys learning, experimenting with, and teaching new technologies. His current interests are centered on server and client-side web development.

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