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iOS Data Persistence: The Big Picture

by Andrew Bancroft

Rise above the noise and stay grounded by seeing the big picture possibilities of data persistence on iOS. Discover what to expect if you choose one technology over another, and get the feel for what it’s like to use popular data solutions in code!

What you'll learn

You have plenty of data persistence options to choose from on iOS. In this course, iOS Data Persistence: The Big Picture, you will be empowered to distill an overwhelming amount of information down into the big picture possibilities for saving data on iOS. First, you will learn the reasons for saving data to help ground you as you begin to traverse the data persistence landscape. Next, you will discover how to use technologies like User Defaults and Property Lists, and I will guide you on how to work with Swift’s Encodable and Decodable protocols. You will understand what you’re getting into if you choose to work with SQLite, Core Data, or Realm Database for local data persistence. You will know how it feels to reach for a remote data storage option like CloudKit, Realm Platform, or Firebase. Finally, you will see a clear picture of what it’s like to design a document-based application and integrate your app’s data with the iOS Files app. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge you need to make an informed decision about putting a reliable data storage plan for your iOS app into action.

About the author

Andrew Bancroft is a born learner, passionate about discovery and about sharing what he’s learned with others. He is a software developer for the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, an agricultural research institution located in the heart of southern Oklahoma. His day job keeps him busy programming ASP.NET and iOS applications supporting the various business and scientific endeavors of the Foundation. Andrew has embraced Swift for iOS development since day zero, and loves empowering developers to ... more

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