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Security Compliance: ISO/IEC 27000 Series

by Richard Harpur

ISO/IEC standards are recognized worldwide, with several ISO standards for information security and privacy. This course teaches you to be successful in selecting the most appropriate standard for your needs and how to prepare for ISO certification.

What you'll learn

There are multiple Security and Privacy standards in the ISO 27000 series that are globally recognized. In this course, Security Compliance: ISO/IEC 27000 Series, you will learn about the following security and privacy standards and where to apply them: ISO 27017 - Security Techniques - for Cloud services, ISO 27018 - Security Techniques - Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in public cloud, ISO 27701 - Security Techniques - Privacy Information Management System (PIMS), ISO 27005 - Security Techniques - Information Security Risk Management. First, you'll dive into how to select the most appropriate standard for your organization’s needs. Next, you'll explore how to build and expand on foundational security standards to enhance your organization's certifications with cloud and privacy standards. Finally, you'll learn how to apply this knowledge in practice in your own organization and be successful in security audits and in the certification process. When you’re finished with this course, you'll have developed a foundational knowledge of multiple ISO standards and be confident talking to your peers or clients about these standards and progressing to achieve ISO certification.

About the author

Richard is a highly experienced technology leader with a remarkable career ranging from software development, project management through to C-level roles as CEO, CIO, and CISO. Richard is highly rated and ranked in Ireland's top 100 CIOs. As an author for Pluralsight - a leader in online training for technology professionals - Richard's courses are highly-rated in the Pluralsight library and focus on teaching critical skills in cybersecurity including ISO27001 and Ransomware. As a Certified Info... more

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