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ISTQB® Foundation: Testing throughout the Software Development Lifecycle

by Andrejs Doronins

Gain an understanding of the world of testing through the ISTQB framework by learning about various Software Development Life Cycles (SDLCs), test types, and test levels.

What you'll learn

Flawed software may result in anything from minor inconveniences to public disasters. It is important to maintain the quality of software. In this course, ISTQB® Foundation: Testing throughout the Software Development Lifecycle, you will gain an understanding of the most widespread lifecycle models, as well as various test types and test levels that can be carried out. First, you'll explore various software development lifecycle categories and models that define the workflow of your team. Next, you'll discover the different test levels at which testing can be carried out. Finally, you'll learn about different test types that allow for complete and well-grounded testing. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the knowledge of various testing approaches needed to explore the subject of testing further.

About the author

Andrejs is a Quality Assurance professional with over 6 years of experience. He specializes in Test Automation but does not neglect the importance of getting involved in the Software Development Life Cycle early - finding issues during requirements analysis is as important as doing manual and exploratory testing. He is experienced in writing unit, integration and acceptance tests for a wide number of technologies and contexts - from browser automation to the Web API layer and all the way to test... more

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