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XML Web Services in Jakarta EE 10

by Jaya Bodkhey

Jakarta XML Web Service (JAX-WS) provides a way for the XML based Web Services to communicate effectively with the clients, and this course will walk you through the process to establish this communication using XML through JAX-WS specification.

What you'll learn

Communication between clients and web services is one of the key elements of an enterprise application. Jakarta XML Web Services (JAX-WS) Specification offers a robust set of packages, classes and APIs to enable this communication in a seamless and effortless way. In this course, XML Web Services in Jakarta EE 10, you’ll learn to create web service endpoints, clients and to establish communication between them using JAX-WS. First, you’ll explore the basics of Jakarta XML Web Services. Next, you’ll discover how to create web service endpoints, clients, start communication between them, and bind Java objects in this communication. Finally, you’ll learn some of the advanced concepts related to JAX-WS like securing web services, exception handling, access management for the messages, session management, and asynchronous client side operations.. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of XML Web Services in Jakarta EE 10 needed to enable XML based Web Services in your application using Jakarta EE.

About the author

Jaya is a seasoned engineer in Information Security and Automation domain. During her rich experience of 10 years in software industry, she has worked on several technologies like Information Security, Penetration Testing, Certificate Management System, SSL, Networking, VENAFAI, Secure FTP, PKI Webservices, Cloud Security, Cloud Storage, Storage Virtualization, C, C++, Java, Python, Shell Scripting, Expect Scripting etc. She is proficient with Unix and Linux operating systems. She is also well v... more

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