Jakarta Faces 4: The Big Picture

by Buddhini Samarakkody

Jakarta Faces is a well-established framework for building component based user interfaces for Java web applications. This course will give you an opportunity to learn about the Jakarta Faces technology at a high-level.

What you'll learn

Are you looking for a quick way to learn about the Jakarta Faces technology? In this course, Jakarta Faces 4: The Big Picture, you’ll learn about Jakarta Faces and its capabilities. First, you’ll get to know the Jakarta Faces technology. Next, you’ll explore how Java Server Faces evolved into Jakarta Faces over the years, its use cases, and the larger ecosystem. Finally, you’ll take a quick look at Jakarta Faces in practice. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Jakarta Faces needed to perform an evaluation and know what it takes to get started with development using this technology.

About the author

Buddhini is a Senior Java Engineer having over 14 years of industry experience working with multi-national Software Companies. She has worked in many mission-critical projects in domains such as Supply Chain Management, POS & Electronic Content Management, mainly based on the Java & Java EE tech stack. As a result of her love for teaching & mentoring, at present she is an Author for several leading online learning platforms including Pluralsight. She is also an Independent Consultant for a Sril... more

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