Streams, Collectors, and Optionals for Data Processing in Java 8

by Jose Paumard

This course shows advanced patterns to process data in Java 8 using lambdas, streams, spliterators, optionals, and collectors. It shows how to build your own spliterators to connect streams to non-standard data sources, and to build your own collectors.

What you'll learn

The Stream API and the Collectors are two new additions to the JDK in Java 8 that allow the efficient processing of data using the map / filter / reduce approach. It brings many new patterns on the table, and ways to extend them. We show how to connect streams to non-standard sources of data, how to build streams on other streams. The notion of Optional, introduced to handle the reduction of empty streams is also shown on advanced data processing patterns. And at last, collectors are shown, basic patterns first then advanced ones, where we build our own custom collector.

Table of contents

About the author

Passionate about programming computers for over 20 years, Jose made his debut in assembler and C, C for SIMD parallel machines before adopting Java as an object-oriented language, indispensable to most major modern applications. He brings his expertise and capacity for analysis and synthesis to many projects, mainly in the lower layers, close to the data, but also on complex UI design, or in the browser. PhD in applied maths and computer science, assistant professor in Paris North University for... more

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