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Java EE: Working with JSON Using JSON-B and JSON-P

by Jesper de Jong

JSON is used in nearly all modern web applications and is a must for every developer to understand. This course will teach you about JSON Binding (JSON-B) and JSON Processing (JSON-P) using Java EE.

What you'll learn

JSON is a widely used, standard data format that every software developer needs to understand. In this course, Java EE: Working with JSON Using JSON-B and JSON-P, you'll learn how to work with JSON in Java using the standard JSON Binding and JSON Processing APIs. First, you'll learn how to use JSON Binding to easily convert JSON to Java objects and vice versa. Next, you'll explore JSON Processing and discover how you can use the streaming and object model APIs to read and write JSON. Finally, you'll get to see how to work with some of the advanced features of JSON-P. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of the Java EE JSON APIs needed to work with JSON, for example for building RESTful web services using Java EE.

About the author

Jesper is an experienced independent software developer. He designs and builds efficient, high-quality software in Java and other JVM languages. He loves the creativity of inventing and building software systems and he loves to teach and share his knowledge with other developers to help them write clean, efficient, well-designed and maintainable code.

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