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Working with Java I/O API in Java SE Applications (Java SE 11 Developer Certification 1Z0-819)

by Jose Paumard

In this course, you will learn how the API is organized and working, how you can solve common problems with I/O , and get hints on how to get ready for the certification.

What you'll learn

The Java I/O API is a fundamental API of the JDK and one of the topics of the Java SE 11 certification. In this course, Working with Java I/O API in Java SE Applications (Java SE 11 Developer Certification 1Z0-819), you will learn three main concepts. First, you will explore how to work with files using the File class and the Path interface. Next, you will see one of the key points of the certification: the organization of the API. It is first divided in two parts: the reading and the writing of elements. It is then divided in two more parts: one supporting the reading and writing and characters and the other the reading and writing of bytes. Finally, you will discover how to tell a low-level I/O stream operation from a high-level one. All common stream operations needed for the certification are also covered, along with serialization. When you are finished with this course, you will be ready to pass the Java I/O chapter of the certification.

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Passionate about programming computers for over 20 years, Jose made his debut in assembler and C, C for SIMD parallel machines before adopting Java as an object-oriented language, indispensable to most major modern applications. He brings his expertise and capacity for analysis and synthesis to many projects, mainly in the lower layers, close to the data, but also on complex UI design, or in the browser. PhD in applied maths and computer science, assistant professor in Paris North University for... more

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