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Building an Application Using Java SE

by Sander Mak

Building Java applications requires more than knowing the Java language. This course will teach you the tools, libraries, and practices you need to start building Java SE applications.

What you'll learn

To really master Java and start building your own Java applications, you need to go beyond learning the language. In this course, Building an Application Using Java SE, you will see all the tools, libraries, and practices you need to start building real-world Java applications. Most of your time during this course will be spent in the IDE, building a Java application together from scratch. First, you'll explore topics such as: building Java projects using Maven, and using Java language features. Next, you'll dive into testing code using JUnit, and calling a web API using Java's HttpClient. Finally, you'll learn about storing data in a relational database using JDBC, and creating a REST API using JAX-RS. After finishing this course, you'll be able to understand and contribute to large Java application codebases. Of course you won't be an expert in all the technologies we use in this course, so you can also continue learning in specific areas.

About the author

Sander is Director of Technology at Picnic —the Dutch online grocery scale-up— building Java-based systems at scale. He also is a Java Champion and author of the O'Reilly book 'Java 9 Modularity' (see As an avid conference speaker, Sander loves sharing knowledge, also through his blog at and as Pluralsight instructor.

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