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Java SE 17 Unit Testing with JUnit

by Jim Weaver

Unit testing is a critical skill for software developers. This course will teach you how to write and run unit tests for Java with one of the most popular unit testing tools in existence: JUnit.

What you'll learn

A Java developer is expected to be able to unit test their code, and this course will show you how to do that with JUnit. In this course, Java SE 17 Unit Testing with JUnit, you’ll learn how to create JUnit tests and keep them organized. First, you'll discover the many assertions that JUnit provides to validate expected results. Next, you'll explore how to utilize the JUnit lifecycle annotations to manage test setup and teardown, and how to improve your test reports. Finally, you’ll learn how to run your tests from a variety of tools including IDEs, Maven, and continuous delivery products. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to write great unit tests for your code!

Table of contents

Running Unit Tests as Part of a Build Pipeline
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About the author

Jim Weaver is a software developer with experience in many languages and platforms. He has worked in and led teams in many industry verticals including Defense, Leasing, Energy, and Healthcare. Jim has extensive experience with unit and acceptance testing techniques and tools, and is one of the original authors of JWebUnit, an open-source web application testing API and framework.

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