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Java SE 8: XML Processing Fundamentals

by Mike Nolan

XML is used in many systems for integrating within an organization or across them. This course will teach you how to read and write documents using the various APIs available in Java, as well as cover document querying and validations.

What you'll learn

XML is a standard for storing data and integrating systems within and between organizations. In this course, Java SE: XML Processing Fundamentals, you'll learn the basics of reading and writing XML documents using all the various APIs available. First, you'll discover the tradeoffs between each - understanding which options offer better memory efficiency versus processing control. Next, you'll learn that systems working together need to ensure the data being passed is valid. Finally, you'll explore how to create XML schemas to provide documentation of allowable elements and use them to perform validations while reading documents. By the end of this course, you'll have a solid understanding how to query into documents to efficiently find subsets of data often needed when working with XML.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Mike is a solution architect for US Foods, having worked in technology for over 15 years holding roles focused on technical leadership, solution architecture, and enterprise architecture. Additionally, he spends time as a mentor in the Chicago Java User Group. He has a bachelor degree in Computer Science from Illinois State University, and currently resides in the Chicago metropolitan area.

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