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Java Swing Development Using NetBeans

by Rusty Lowrey

Learn to develop lightweight, cross-platform desktop applications using Java Swing. Utilize the NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to simplify building Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) and screen layouts.

What you'll learn

Learn how to build a lightweight cross-platform desktop application with Java Swing using the Netbeans IDE. This course is beneficial to the beginner and seasoned programmer alike. You will learn how to use the powerful Netbeans GUI Builder to quickly develop the user interface with little effort, so you can spend your valuable time building the application logic instead. At the conclusion, you will learn to build a fully functional application interacting with a database. If you prefer to program manually, this course will provide a great entry point into Java Swing's structure and features.

About the author

Rusty became interested in programming in the late 90s. He began by learning front-end development, working for several startups coding HTML and Javascript. That evolved into Cold Fusion, then on to Java. Attending night courses at UCLA furthered his knowledge and he moved on to positions as Senior Software Engineer at multiple startups using the J2EE architecture. For some years now, he has been working as an independent contractor and focusing mainly on Android mobile phone application develop... more

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