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Building Advanced JavaScript Animations with GSAP

by Todd Shelton

This course will teach JavaScript developers, who have already completed the first Animation with GSAP course, or have a good understanding of JavaScript, animation in general.

What you'll learn

GreenSock has been around since ActionScript 2 and Flash, since then it has kept up with the industry and turned into one of the leading JavaScript animation libraries. In this course, Building Advanced JavaScript Animations with GSAP, you'll be learning some of the plugins that are associated with paid version of GreenSock. First, you'll explore how to MorphSVG. Next, you'll discover how to DrawSVG. Finally, you'll learn about ScrambleText and also SplitText. By the end of this course, you'll know how to create some unbelievable animation for creative storytelling and games.

About the author

Todd Shelton is a lecturer at IUPUI's School of Informatics and Computing in Indianapolis, Indiana. He started his career as a Flex/Flash Developer making interactive media projects at an award-winning design/development company. After several years as a Senior Flash Developer, he transitioned to a Front-End Web Developer where he continues to use his expertise to do freelance projects for multiple clients making mobile/web applications. He has created and run two successful users groups... more

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