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JavaScript Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) Explained

by Kevin Murray

Learn how to take your JavaScript skills to the next level with Asynchronous Module Definition. In this course, you'll learn to simplify JavaScript development by organizing code into modules that are maintainable, explainable, and trainable.

What you'll learn

Learn how to make use of dedicated AMD modules that are reusable and easier to maintain than traditional large JavaScript libraries. This course, JavaScript Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) Explained, starts with a simple web project that grows into a comprehensive pattern suitable for use in your own projects. Along the way, you'll learn how to refactor your legacy JavaScript libraries into AMD modules as well as how to develop new modules that remain decoupled from each other. Developers that are new to AMD will often encounter two frustrating errors: "Define not defined" and "Mismatched anonymous define()". You'll find a full description of each error and how to address them. By the end of this course, you'll know how to write modules from scratch, refactor legacy libraries to use modular patterns, and use system events to pass data between modules.

About the author

Kevin is a lifelong learner with over 30 years in the IT industry. He works on web and mobile applications as well as the databases and web services to support them. With a gift for learning new languages, he is able to rapidly apply his broad experience in new environments.

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