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JavaScript: Functions

by Prateek Parekh

JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language and functions are one of the fundamental building blocks in JavaScript. The skills you learn in this course will help you learn other JavaScript frameworks such as React and Node.js.

What you'll learn

Code is hard to maintain, especially when you keep adding new features to your project over several months and years. If you are not careful, you can end up with spaghetti code where several parts of the project are essentially doing the same task and any change in one feature can cause changes in several other parts of the code. In this course, JavaScript: Functions, you’ll learn the foundational knowledge to write modular code that not only prevents duplication, but also increases code readability and maintainability. First, you’ll explore what Functions are and how to write them. Next, you’ll discover the power of Arrow Functions in improving readability. Finally, you’ll gain the ability to use additional language features that come with JavaScript out-of-the-box to write applications with multiple functions interacting with each other. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Functions needed to write modular, re-usable, and concise code in JavaScript.

About the author

Prateek is a software engineer that has been working on designing, developing, and testing enterprise as well as customer facing applications for companies like Zoom, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and eBay. His interests include architecture, distributed systems, and security. He is passionate about technology and how it can help make learning fun, engaging, and widely accessible.

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