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Getting Started with JavaScript in Salesforce

by Dan Appleman

A lot of JavaScript training is designed for general use on web applications, node.js, or various frameworks. In this course, you'll learn JavaScript from a Salesforce point of view - with coverage of both Lightning Components and Visualforce.

What you'll learn

JavaScript has always been available to Salesforce developers, but with the appearance of Lightning, it is now a first-class language on the platform. That means it's time for every Salesforce developer to learn JavaScript. In this course, Getting Started with JavaScript in Salesforce, you’ll learn how to leverage your knowledge of Apex and Salesforce to become a JavaScript master. First, you'll learn about how the user interfaces work and the basics of JavaScript data types and core language features. Next, you'll explore JavaScript objects, function and classes, along with common asynchronous design patterns. Then, you’ll discover more about JavaScript in Lightning – both Lightning Web Components and Aura Components, followed by Visualforce for those who are supporting legacy applications. Finally, you'll wrap up this course by learning a selection of advanced concepts. By the end of this course, you'll have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of JavaScript, be ready to understand and develop JavaScript applications in Lightning and Visualforce, and be well on your way towards being ready for the Salesforce JavaScript Developer certification exam.

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About the author

Dan Appleman is a well known author, software developer, and speaker. He is the author of numerous books, ebooks, and online courses on various topics (technology and other). His latest book is "Advanced Apex Programming" -

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