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Nov 14, 2013
3h 16m

Stop breaking legacy code every time you expand your functions. Learn how to create robust functions that handle the needs of current, legacy, and future processing. Learn about handling DOM events with jQuery, then learn how to create your own custom events for objects that aren't on the DOM. Also, learn how to make use of the jQuery Deferred object to truly process AJAX requests in an asynchronous manner.

About the author
About the author

Kevin is a lifelong learner with over 30 years in the IT industry. He works on web and mobile applications as well as the databases and web services to support them. With a gift for learning new languages, he is able to rapidly apply his broad experience in new environments.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Hello. I'm Kevin Murray. In this Pluralsight training video, I'll be discussing using Advanced Techniques in JavaScript and jQuery.

Event Handling
In this segment we'll be discussing ways to attach event handlers to web page elements and process those events with jQuery.

Advanced Event Handling
In this segment we'll build upon the event handling topic of the previous segment. We'll look at ways to manage the event handler functions more efficiently and explore writing custom events.

Using jQuery Deferred Objects
I'm going to make use of jQuery deferred objects to eliminate the complexities associated with callback functions as demonstrated in the previous segment.