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Hands-on JavaScript Project: JSON

by Paul Cheney

Learn to leverage the power of AJAX to access and display JSON data from your local server, as well as from an external site using an API. You'll also learn how to create JSON files.

What you'll learn

In this course, Hands-on JavaScript Project: JSON, you'll have an opportunity to practice creating and accessing JSON data using JavaScript. First, you'll explore how to create JSON files within a JavaScript file. Next, you'll load those files on your local host using an XML HTTP request. Finally, you'll load them from the Weather Underground site using an API. By the end of this course, you'll have a working example of a hospitality page, where the data is dynamically loaded using AJAX, as well as a weather application where the current weather conditions are displayed for any zip code.

About the author

Paul Cheney specializes in Responsive Design, Content Management Systems, and Virtual Reality Photography. He teaches courses for Pluralsight and runs a web development business and Spartan Design University where he hosts resources for many online courses.

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