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Hands-on JavaScript Project: Solar Calculator

by Paul Cheney

This course targets JavaScript developers who want to practice using functions, variables, loops, switches, operators, etc. Basic understanding of JavaScript is very helpful.

What you'll learn

Practicing with variables, loops, switches, and operators is key to building an authentic web delivered application. In this course, Hands-on JavaScript Project: Solar Calculator, you will create several small projects that explore the features of JavaScript concepts in isolation. To start off, you'll get some practice with functions and loops. Next, you'll brush up on using HTML selectors in conjunction with JavaScript switch statements and explore how to interrogate the DOM. Finally, this course will wrap up with by using what you learned to build a real world solar calculator that calculates the number of solar panels required based on the your monthly electricity usage, where you live, and which panels you select. By the end of this course, you'll be able to apply the principles you learned here to other JavaScript projects you may work on.

About the author

Paul Cheney specializes in Responsive Design, Content Management Systems, and Virtual Reality Photography. He teaches courses for Pluralsight and runs a web development business and Spartan Design University where he hosts resources for many online courses.

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