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JavaScript Proxies and Reflection

by Dan Wellman

Get to grips with one of JavaScript's least used, but most powerful modern features; the Proxy and Reflect APIs, and learn what these APIs are for, how to use them, and when to use them.

What you'll learn

Proxy and Reflect APIs are tragically underutilized. In this course, JavaScript Proxies and Reflection, you will learn foundational knowledge of JavaScript's meta-programming capabilities. First, you will learn exactly what these two APIs are and the kinds of problems they were intended to solve. Next, you will learn all of the proxy traps which can be used (and what a proxy trap actually is), which practical examples of all 13 traps in action. Finally, you will finish up by looking at the Reflect API in detail, to see why this API is useful, and when it should be used. Additionally, you'll go back over some of the previous examples and update them to use Reflection where appropriate. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Proxies and Reflect to put them to good use in your own personal and professional JavaScript projects.

About the author

Dan Wellman is a web developer, author, and course instructor from the UK. He has been a developer for just over 15 years, and has been writing and making videos about his experiences for almost as long. He has written 10 books about JavaScript libraries and TypeScript, and produced around 50 video courses on front-end development. He is currently a Senior UI Developer for Hazeltree Treasury Solutions, and lives on the South Coast of the UK with his wife and four children.

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