JavaScript REST APIs: Getting Started

by Paul D. Sheriff

This course will teach you how to use Node, Express, and JavaScript to create a set of REST APIs needed to retrieve and modify data.

What you'll learn

With the amount of mobile applications and the need for fast websites, REST API developers are in high demand. In this course, JavaScript REST APIs: Getting Started, you’ll learn to build a simple Node.js and express server and create a set of endpoints. First, you’ll be shown how to build an endpoint to retrieve data. Next, you’ll discover how to create endpoints for POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE. Then, you'll delve into the different HTTP status codes you should return from each endpoint. Next, you’ll explore how to handle exceptions and return a standardized JSON document. Finally, you’ll see how to call your REST APIs from JavaScript using the XMLHttpRequest object. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Node.js, Express, and JavaScript needed to build your own REST APIs for use in mobile or other applications.

About the author

Paul loves teaching and technology, and has been teaching tech and business topics for over 30 years. Paul helps clients develop applications, and instructs them on the best use of technology.

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