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Web Assembly Interaction with JavaScript

by Jon Flanders

WebAssembly can be a useful tool in your development toolbox. This course will teach you the specific steps you need to use in order to be able to use WebAssembly to port existing code to be used on both the web and on the server.

What you'll learn

In this course, WebAssembly Interaction with JavaScript, you will learn how to use JavaScript to integrate with WebAssembly modules that can provide performance and functionality not normally achievable with just JavaScript. First, you will explore how to load a WebAssembly module into your browser-based application. Next, you will discover how to interact with that module using the WebAssembly JavaScript API to pass both data and functions bi-directionally between your JavaScript module and WebAssembly modules. Finally, you will learn how to make your own WebAssembly module to complete your WebAssembly journey. When you have completed this course you will have the skills needed to use WebAssembly to implement performant solutions for complex problems.

About the author

Although Jon spent the first few years of his professional life as an attorney, he quickly found chasing bits more interesting than chasing ambulances. He first worked at the University of Minnesota, building a financial reporting Web site using ASP and SQL Server, specializing in automatic integration between multiple data stores. Since joining the training industry in 1999, Jon has devoted his time to working on various projects while migrating from the world of ASP and COM to the world of .NE... more

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