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Using Jenkins to Automate Artifact Builds and Security

by George Smith

This course teaches you how to automate the creation of different artifacts, like VMs, containers, and serverless components in a CI/CD tool chain with the help of, Jenkins, Terraform, and Ansible, and how to add security with HashiCorp Vault.

What you'll learn

Jenkins provides IT professionals with the toolset to automate the building of a number of different artifacts. In this course, Using Jenkins to Automate Artifact Builds and Security, you’ll learn how to select Jenkins plug-ins that are fit for purpose, plan for simple builds that can then be combined into DevOps workflows, and how to leverage many battle-tested build tools with Jenkins. First, you’ll explore the need for automation and security. Next, you’ll discover how to automate the building of three different types of artifacts - VMs, containers, and serverless artifacts. Finally, you’ll learn how to take advantage of HashiCorp Vault to layer security on top of the build automation process. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of integrating Jenkins with a number of important technologies needed to automate artifact builds in your organization and to facilitate the evolution of a robust product portfolio.

About the author

George Smith has spent more than 25 years in the IT industry. During this time he has held a variety of positions, starting with web UI development and business analysis, progressing with system administration and infrastructure, then switching to core systems programming, technical consulting, and finally becoming an E-Commerce Architect and Subject Matter Expert. He is well versed in modern trends like Containerization, Infrastructure as Code, Serverless computing models, and more. George demo... more

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