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JIRA Fundamentals

by Jan-Erik Sandberg

JIRA is a world-leading tracker for planning, building, and releasing great software. In this demo-packed course, JIRA Fundamentals, you will learn how to setup and maintain a JIRA-installation and configure it for the needs of your organization.

What you'll learn

JIRA is a world-leading tracker used by large and small teams for planning, building, and releasing great software. In this course, JIRA Fundamentals, you are going to focus on the fundamentals of JIRA. The course is suited both for those who will be using the JIRA cloud platform as well as for those of you who will host it. First, you will learn JIRA planning and installation. Next, you will configure a project JQL, Finally, you will learn reporting, dashboards, and administrating and extending. Jira Fundamentals is packed with practical examples and experienced based advice. By the end of this course, you'll know everything you need to know to be productive and get started with managing your software development projects with JIRA.

About the author

Jan-Erik Sandberg is an international author and a requested speaker and has coached agile teams since 2001, being a veteran coder. Sandberg is currently CTO at Blue Robot, the world’s first cloud based Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS). Jan-Erik has worked as a leader for a wide range of teams, from small DevOps all the way up to being part of senior management of an internationally listed company represented in 20 countries. His/her main expertise is large scale internationally dis... more

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