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Jira 8 Project Customization

by Jim Weaver

Jira allows a wealth of customizations, and in this course, you'll explore a wide range of customizations software teams often need. Adding custom issue types and fields, customizing screens, permissions, issue security, and many others are covered.

What you'll learn

Jira provides a wide array of customization options. However, learning what they are and how to apply them can be challenging. In this course, Jira 8 Project Customization, you’ll learn what those options are and how to apply them to achieve common needs of software development teams. First, you'll explore how to add issue types and how to create custom fields. Next, you'll discover how to customize screens and how to customize notifications and permissions. Then, you'll gain the knowledge of issue security and how to maintain the lists of priorities, statuses, and resolutions. Finally, you'll understand the basics of next-gen projects in Jira Software Cloud. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills you need to customize your own projects in Jira.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Jim Weaver is a software developer with experience in many languages and platforms. He has worked in and led teams in many industry verticals including Defense, Leasing, Energy, and Healthcare. Jim has extensive experience with unit and acceptance testing techniques and tools, and is one of the original authors of JWebUnit, an open-source web application testing API and framework.

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