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Jira 8 Workflow Creation and Customization

by Jim Weaver

The ability to support custom workflows for teams is a key strength of Atlassian's Jira. In this course, you'll build workflows from scratch and customize workflow transitions using transition screens, conditions, validators, and post functions.

What you'll learn

Software development teams have different workflow needs, and being able to adapt to those needs has long been a strength of Atlassian's Jira.
Such customization can be complex, though. In this course, Jira 8 Workflow Creation and Customization, will help you by examining the core customization concepts and working through examples of key types of workflow and transition customizations. First, you'll discover core workflow concepts and transition concepts. Then, you'll learn the two workflow editors, and transition conditions, validators, and post-functions. Finally, you'll examine the market for third-party workflow extensions. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills you need to create and customize your own Jira workflows to support your teams.

About the author

Jim Weaver is a software developer with experience in many languages and platforms. He has worked in and led teams in many industry verticals including Defense, Leasing, Energy, and Healthcare. Jim has extensive experience with unit and acceptance testing techniques and tools, and is one of the original authors of JWebUnit, an open-source web application testing API and framework.

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