Introduction to Job Control Language (JCL)

by Gerhard Adam

An introduction to z/OS Job Control Language (JCL) that discusses the coding requirements for essential JCL statements and their use in utility programs.

What you'll learn

This course introduces the student to the Job Control Language (JCL) in z/OS. We will discuss the JOB statement, EXEC statement, and DD statements, as well as the use of generation data sets and the IBM standard utility programs. Numerous examples will illustrate the concepts being discussed with an opportunity to see how work is submitted and examined for successful completion, as well as some common errors that may occur.

About the author

Gerhard Adam offers 41 years of experience in large systems computing with specialization in performance, capacity planning, and z/OS internals. He has been involved in software development extending from access method interfaces and telecommunications to performance reporting software. Gerhard also has developed various courses in z/OS internals, performance, client/server computing, and systems management. Currently Gerhard is teaching classes around the world on a variety of z/OS topics. Gerh... more

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