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jQuery 3: The Big Picture

by Chris Behrens

jQuery was one of the original standout client-side front end frameworks. This course will teach you why it's still relevant and how to make it work for you.

What you'll learn

JavaScript is an incredibly powerful language, but there are clearly benefits to a UI productivity layer on top. In this course, jQuery 3: The Big Picture, you’ll learn how to make jQuery work for you. First, you’ll explore where jQuery fits in your front-end tool box. Next, you’ll discover UI automation with jQuery UI. Finally, you’ll learn how to create accessible and mobile-friendly Interfaces with jQuery. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of working with jQuery needed to supercharge your front-end end development productivity.

About the author

Chris B. Behrens is a writer, speaker and software developer, specializing in DevOps. He has been a developer and architect for more than twenty years focusing on small to medium size companies and the development changes they face. He focuses on his flavor of Fear Based Development, whereby a developer ranks their tasks in descending order of anxiety, and how to tackle them in that order. Chief among these anxiety-inducing processes is software deployment, a topic that Behrens focuses upon. He ... more

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