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Apr 7, 2015
5h 24m
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Instructor Aaron Frost begins the course with a brief history of JavaScript, including how it was created, and where it is headed in the future. He then examines in detail the new features which will be available with the release of ES6, and provides clear and practical examples of their use. Aaron wraps up the course by showing the extent to which modern browsers currently support ES6, and walking you through the details of installing and using a tool which allows you to write ES6 code for current browsers. Course materials are available at

About the author
About the author

Aaron is currently an O’Reilly author, writing two books about the next version of JavaScript, ES6. The first book is for management, explaining the reasons why they should help their teams use the latest version of JavaScript. The second book is a field guide for the new ES6 API that is currently being working on by the TC39.