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Jan 20, 2017
3h 6m

Attacks on a corporate network can have devastating consequences which can be attributed to not only the loss of potentially sensitive or valuable data, but also the damage to an organizations reputation. It is true that the edge where the enterprise network meets the public Internet needs to be protected against such attacks. However, some organizations neglect to spend as much time securing the inside of the network. This course, Layer 2 Security in Junos OS, is designed to help network engineers recognize how attacks can originate from within the network and more importantly, what can be done to defend against such attacks when your network is running Juniper EX Series switches. This course, along with the other courses in the JNCIS-ENT series, is designed to educate and prepare network engineers for working in and securing enterprise environments. First, you'll learn about how attackers can utilize vulnerabilities in your network. Next you'll explore what you can do to prevent such attacks. Finally, you'll learn how you can control access to network resources from internal clients. By the end of this course, you'll be able to understand some of the security threats that can be used against your Juniper EX Series switches and be confident that the solution you implement is the best solution in order to defeat that security threat.

About the author
About the author

Martin is a network security engineer with several years experience in various markets including retail and aerospace in many different countries and at the moment works for a UK based tier 1 service provider working with technology from Cisco, F5, Checkpoint, Infoblox, and, of course, Juniper.

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