Junos OS and the Spanning Tree Protocol

by Martin Brown

A network is a tool that can help drive an organization, the spanning tree protocol is a tool that can help drive a network. This course will tell you how to use it to help make your network stable and resilient.

What you'll learn

A network is a tool that can help drive an organization. The faster the network, the more work can be achieved in less time. This course, Junos OS and the Spanning Tree Protocol, will help you become familiar with the best ways to leverage STP for your organization. You will begin with a discussion about the importance of using the Spanning Tree Protocol within a LAN, after which you learn how STP uses special packets, called BPDU’s, to detect bridging loops. Next, you'll see some of the newer versions STP, how they differ from the legacy version of STP, and what benefits they can bring to your LAN. Finally, you'll put theory into practice by configuring STP on a pair of EX series switches, as well as configuring the parameters to change the behavior of STP and affect the flow of data across the network. After finishing this course, you'll be better prepared to get the most out of your network.

About the author

Martin's IT career goes back to 1993 and while he was involved with Apple Macintosh computers, and had the pleasure of using DEC VAX terminals. Back then, hand held literally meant picking the terminal up by it's carry handle to move it to the other side of the desk and touch screen meant getting a static shock. Of course, the world has moved on a great deal since then and Martin is proud to be at the cutting edge of network and internetwork technology, working with devices from Cisco, F5, Chec... more

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