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Juniper Networks: Networking Fundamentals

by Rich Bibby

This course is a great fit for network engineers or IT Ops professionals looking to understand networking basics. This course will teach you the foundational technologies of how data networks work and how applications use them to function.

What you'll learn

Adding networking skills to any IT pro's armory is a great idea for enhancing their career. In this course, Juniper Networks: Networking Fundamentals, you'll learn the foundations of how networks work and how applications use them to function. First, you'll discover how computers communicate with each other over local and wide area networks, along with the internet. Next, you'll explore examples of computers on a local area network (LAN) talking to each other and other local servers. After that, you'll learn how they communicate over a wide area network (WAN) and the internet. Finally, you'll dive into hands-on demos showing use of a Juniper switch or router running the Junos OS. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a solid foundational knowledge of networking to enhance your existing skill set and be on your way to attaining the Juniper Networks JNCIA-Junos certification.

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About the author

Rich Bibby is a Network Engineer with extensive experience in designing, deploying, and supporting enterprise networks of varying size and scale. Areas of expertise include Campus LAN, WAN, Data Center, VPN and Remote Access solutions from vendors including Juniper, Cisco, Arista, Checkpoint, and Pulse Secure. Rich is currently JNCIA-JUNOS certified and has previously held several other certifications from Juniper, Cisco, Checkpoint, and Microsoft. He can also be found blogging at http://notthen... more

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