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Kafka Connect Fundamentals

by Bogdan Sucaciu

This course is a technical introduction to Kafka Connect and how to use it to quickly transfer data in and out of the Apache Kafka ecosystem, to and from common data systems like databases, key-value stores, search indexes, and file systems.

What you'll learn

You may be wondering why the word "Connect" has suddenly sprung up next to "Kafka". Isn’t Kafka a Distributed Streaming Platform? Well, Kafka is more than that. Apache Kafka is an entire ecosystem and Kafka Connect is a part of it. In this course, Kafka Connect Fundamentals, you will gain the ability to create your own real-time ETL pipelines from and to Apache Kafka. First, you will learn what the ETL model is and how to set up your own ETL pipeline using Kafka Connect. Next, you will discover the inner details of Kafka Connect by exploring its architecture. Finally, you will explore how to successfully manage your Kafka Connect installation in a production environment. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Kafka Connect needed to set up, build, and maintain your own Kafka Connect installation.

About the author

Software Engineer by day, Pluralsight author by night, Bogdan likes to experiment with cutting-edge technologies and teach about them. His favorite talking subjects are streaming data, event-driven architectures, distributed systems, and cloud technologies. He has several years of experience “cooking” software with JVM based languages, some flavors of web technologies, and garnishing with automated testing. He holds a BS in Robotics where he spent countless hours programming microcontrollers an... more

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