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Getting Started with Knative

by Bogdan Sucaciu

This course will teach you how to deploy serverless applications using Knative.

What you'll learn

Function-as-a-service is not the only option when it comes to serverless. In this course, Getting Started with Knative, you’ll learn to easily deploy applications in a serverless environment. First, you’ll explore how you can take advantage of the serverless model. Next, you’ll discover how long-living serverless applications can be deployed with Knative Serving. Finally, you’ll learn how to deploy event-driven applications with Knative Eventing. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Knative needed to deploy serverless applications.

Course FAQ

What is Knative?

Knative is an open-source program that adds components for deploying, running, and managing servless, cloud-native applications to Kubernetes.

What will you learn in this Knative course?

In this course, you will learn about serverless applications and what problems they solve, how to deploy serverless applications using Knative Serving, and how to build event-driven systems using Knative Eventing.

Are there any prerequisites for this course??

Before taking this course, you should already be familiar with Kubernetes concepts such as pods, deployments, and custom resource definitions.

What is Autoscalling?

Autoscaling is a method used in cloud computing that dynamically adjusts the amount of computational resources in a server farm.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who is familiar with Kubernetes concepts and wants to further their knowledge by learning Knative.

About the author

Software Engineer by day, Pluralsight author by night, Bogdan likes to experiment with cutting-edge technologies and teach about them. His favorite talking subjects are streaming data, event-driven architectures, distributed systems, and cloud technologies. He has several years of experience “cooking” software with JVM based languages, some flavors of web technologies, and garnishing with automated testing. He holds a BS in Robotics where he spent countless hours programming microcontrollers an... more

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