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Monitoring and Scaling Applications in Kubernetes

by Tapan Ghatalia

This course will teach you the advanced concepts of Kubernetes, how to monitor microservices at scale, and introduce an auto-scaling facility as property setting within Kubernetes to manage microservices at scale to enhance the performance.

What you'll learn

Organizations these days sit on massive piles of data, hence the data processing applications. In this course, Monitoring and Scaling Applications in Kubernetes, you’ll learn to manage and monitor microservices in the form of docker containers at scale. First, you’ll explore Kubernetes and different types of objects configuration. Next, you’ll discover the monitoring aspects of the Kubernetes Cluster. Finally, you’ll learn how to incorporate auto-scaling features within Kubernetes. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Advanced Monitoring Concepts of Kubernetes Cluster needed to scale microservices post certain threshold needs.

About the author

Tapan has over a decade of work experience in Business Intelligence, Product Management and Cloud Architecture and has excellent command over languages like Python, Go and Scala. He has worked extensively in Data Analytics and with tools like Thoughtspot and Tableau. He has a deep interest in Quantum Computing and Quantum Mechanics leading him to work considerably on Quantum Computing libraries such as Qiskit and Cirq.

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