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Getting Started with Laravel (PHP Framework) 7: Models and Data

by Max Schwarzmueller

Storing and fetching data in databases is a key task of all modern web applications. This course teaches you how to easily work with models and data in your Laravel application.

What you'll learn

It's a core task of modern web application to store, update, retrieve, and delete data in databases. This course, Getting Started with Laravel (PHP Framework) - Models and Data, teaches you how Laravel assists you at this task. You'll learn how to easily set up and configure models as well as database tables through Laravel and PHP. This course also teaches you how you may then easily query your data or set up related models by writing a few lines of code. Once you're finished with this course, you'll be able to implement database capabilities in any of your Laravel applications and therefore make them really dynamic and powerful.

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About the author

Max is a freelance web developer and professional online instructor. Starting developing in various languages at the age of 13, Max couldn't stop diving deeper and deeper into development and finishing various projects. That has not always been his main job, though. Before switching to full time web development, he had a look into another industry: He studied Business Administration and worked in major consultancies as well as a bank before making his passion his main job. If not coding, Max enj... more

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