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Getting Started with Laravel (PHP Framework) 7: Users and Authentication

by Max Schwarzmueller

Laravel is an amazing PHP framework allowing you to build great web applications. This course dives into Authentication, how Laravel helps you with it, and how to add it to your Laravel app.

What you'll learn

Authenticating users is a core task of almost any web application you create. In this course, Getting Started with Laravel (PHP Framework) – Users and Authentication, you'll learn how to implement authentication in a Laravel application. First, you'll discover how Laravel approaches authentication. Next, you'll dive into the difference between authentication and authorization. Then, you'll learn how to implement authentication features like sign up and sign in to your app. Finally, you'll explore how to protect routes against unauthenticated access. By the end of this course, you'll be able to add authentication to all your Laravel applications.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Max is a freelance web developer and professional online instructor. Starting developing in various languages at the age of 13, Max couldn't stop diving deeper and deeper into development and finishing various projects. That has not always been his main job, though. Before switching to full time web development, he had a look into another industry: He studied Business Administration and worked in major consultancies as well as a bank before making his passion his main job. If not coding, Max enj... more

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