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Lean In: Negotiation Strategies for Women

by Ashleigh Shelby Rosette

Negotiation does not have to induce anxiety. With a little preparation, you can learn how to best handle negotiating a raise, promotion, more vacation days, or a better schedule with professor Ashleigh Shelby Rosette.

What you'll learn

Learn concrete steps to negotiate for a raise, a promotion, more vacation days, or a better schedule with this video series from Duke University professor Ashleigh Shelby Rosette. First, she explains why women need to negotiate. She then reveals how gender stereotypes can influence the outcome and explains how you can work with those stereotypes to achieve your goals. Next, you’ll find out why it's key to make the first offer and how to make the offer convincing. You'll discover strategies for gaining the confidence to aim higher and ask for more. You'll then explore how gender bias can impact the outcome of your first offer. You may think you need to hide your emotions and stay tough during negotiations. But research proves you’re more likely to strike a deal—and gain more—if you show warmth and empathy. You'll understand how to frame your negotiation as a cooperative effort and use positive emotions, body language, and tone of voice to achieve your negotiation goals. Finally, you’ll learn why putting yourself in your boss's shoes can lead to a win. When you use a collaborative mindset, you’ll consider what your manager wants and use that information to strike a deal that works better for both of you. This video also explains why it’s important to negotiate strategically with women as well as men.

Table of contents

Why Negotiating Is Crucial for Women
Negotiation Advice for Women: Make the First Offer
Negotiating for Women: Use Positive Emotions to Get to a "Yes"
Negotiation Advice for Women: Win by Working Together

About the author

Dr. Ashleigh Shelby Rosette is Professor of Management and Organizations at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. Her research focuses on negotiations, and she has identified strategies that everyone can use to improve the negotiation process and outcomes. Her work is often published in leading journals and has been featured in major news outlets such as Time, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, USAToday, and NPR. She was ranked as one of the Forty Best Business School Professors under F... more

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