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Learn to Program With the Sphero Robot

by Robert Mangold

This course will teach you how to program and control the Sphero robot.

What you'll learn

This course introduces the Sphero, a ball-shaped robot that can be controlled and programmed via a smartphone or tablet. Students will create programs that allow the Sphero to move in certain ways and light up. Mathematical concepts will be introduced, like compass heading calculations, distance as a function of velocity over time, and percentages.

Table of contents

About the author

Robert began his IT career programming the Commodore 64, which his parents bought for him when he was in high school. He earned an electrical engineering degree via an ROTC scholarship, then served as a US Army Communication Officer. When his Army career ended, he spent time designing and building custom electrical devices, Novell network support, network engineering, Windows and Linux system administration, and computer security. He finally settled on software development, specializing in the... more

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