Expanded Library

Leveraging Common Middleware Packages

by Gavin Lanata

Middleware components in ASP.NET Core are at the heart of the technology. This course will teach you a number of the packages which are available to you out of the box.

What you'll learn

Learn how to build great solutions out of the box. In this course, Leveraging Common Middleware Packages, you'll look at how to make use of and expand upon the middleware, which ships with ASP.NET Core. First, you'll explore components that cover authentication, including OpenID connect and identity. Next, you'll discover session management and CORs middleware. Finally, you'll take a look at the OWIN component and integrating the very popular NancyFX into your ASP.NET Core application. By the end of this course, you'll have covered several components which will enable you to put together a ASP.NET Core application that is both capable and highly extendable.

About the author

Gavin has been building front-ends to software applications using the .Net Framework for the last four years. Using C#/XAML for the majority of his work, he has carried those skills on to building his own set of window store / windows phone applications. Gavin often attends developer events, expanding his own knowledge in the fast paced world of IT, and lending a helping hand to developers needing a little direction navigating the world of design. Since graduation from university a decade ago,... more

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