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Licensing .NET Applications

by Fabian Deitelhoff

The development of software is very expensive so there's the need to protect your applications with a good software licensing model.

What you'll learn

Because the development of an application is very expensive, the licensing topic is an important and often necessary task. This course gives you an introduction how licensing can be used. The key concepts are the licensing model included in the .NET Framework, a short overview of other frameworks and the new open source framework Portable.Licensing. You will learn about licenses and licensing models you can include in your applications.

Table of contents

About the author

Fabian Deitelhoff started working with the .NET framework since the first version. After his bachelor degree in Applied Computer Science, he started a master course in Computer Science with the focus on Biomedical Computer Science. He's currently working on Visual Studio extensibility, software documentation topics and as a free author for professional software development magazines in the field of .NET programming. He's also interested in functional programming, computer vision, blogging, and L... more

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