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Lightroom CC Map and Web Modules

by David Erickson

Lightroom is an amazing tool for photographers to use to help improve and extend their craft. This course, you'll learn to use the Map module to organize photos by location, and the Web module to create shareable web pages with your photos. Software required: Adobe Lightroom CC/6.

What you'll learn

One of the downsides to digital photography is finding an adequate system to organize the overwhelming volume of photos that get produced, and sharing those photos with others. In this course, Lightroom CC Map and Web Modules, you'll learn how you can organize your photos by location, and create a simple but customizeable web page to share your photos. First, you'll discover how Lightroom uses and stores GPS data, how to work with images in the built-in map viewer, and how to use advanced features, such as saved locations and tracklogs. Next, you'll explore how to use the Web module in Lightroom to setup a template and then customize the settings, including adding captions and changing colors. Finally, you'll cover how to export the pages so they can be loaded to a web server to be shared. By the end this course, you’ll know how to work with both the maps and web module confidently in order to organize your photos by location and to create simple to use web pages, so you can share your photos with your clients, friends, and family. Software required: Adobe Lightroom CC/6.

About the author

David Mark Erickson is certified by Adobe as an Expert in Lightroom and is a full-time Professional Photography coach. David has over a decade of national and international experience as a photojournalist and commercial photographer. In addition to being a Pluralsight Author, David leads workshops for Lightroom, and co-organizes and runs the Lightroom NYC meetup with his business partner and fellow Lightroom Expert, D.A. Wagner. David lives with his wife and daughter in Brooklyn, NY.

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