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Linux Host Security

by Andrew Mallett

Why should you be interested in Linux Host Security, Linux is secure, isn't it? Those of us who are a little more paranoid understand that "nothing is secure" and will benefit from understanding how to lock up your host more securely than the default.

What you'll learn

Everyday we learn of new cyber attacks against, often large organizations, coming to the realization that nothing is secure in the modern world. In this course, Linux Host Security, you will gain the the skills needed to begin to lock your Linux server down and protect your precious data and resources. First, you will learn to tune the Linux Kernel using the procfs and sysctl. Next, you will discover how much traceability you lose where you have not installed the Linux Audit System. Finally, you will explore how to deploy the integrated Identity Management tool, FreeIPA Server on CentOS 7. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Linux Security needed to harden your Linux Servers.

Table of contents

Course Overview
The Linux Security Onion

About the author

Andrew is an all around Linux professional with in depth knowledge of the OS and this is supported with scripting in bash, perl, python and ruby and application development in C, C++ and Java. Having worked for many years in training, Andrew has developed automated course build systems after endless time wasted on Friday nights. The first build system he built was aptly named "Friday nights." This has inspired his interest in all things deployment related. He has authored training courses on M... more

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