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Literacy Essentials: Core Concepts Data Normalization

by Ifedayo Bamikole

This course will teach you about the different types of Data Normalization techniques you can use when preparing your Deep Learning datasets in Machine Learning.

What you'll learn

Deep Learning is a branch of Machine Learning based on Neural Networks. In this course, Literacy Essentials: Core Concepts Data Normalization, you’ll learn to use Normalization to place your dataset in an even playing field such that it can be easily analyzed. First, you’ll gain an understanding of why Normalization is needed in Deep Learning and in Machine Learning as a whole. Next, you’ll discover the different Normalization techniques available in Deep Learning. Finally, you’ll learn how to Implement these techniques by taking a look at scenarios. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of the Core Concepts of Data Normalization needed to understand Deep Learning.

About the author

Ifedayo is a Technology Specialist with expertise in Cloud Data Solutions, Artificial intelligence, and Web Development. Ifedayo has traveled around the United States delivering workshops on technical services in the workplace, in over 35 states, as well as Europe. The audience for these workshops varies from Database Administrators to Tech Developers. Ifedayo holds several certifications in Azure, such as: Implementing Azure Infrastructure Solutions; Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions; ... more

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